High Notes

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Music can change the world because it can change people - Bono


Julie Everson

Julie Everson knows heart break, she knows crushing fear, pain, anger, wild swings in temperament and outlook and she knows abandonment, being left on the

Joshua Daulo - High Notes

Joshua Daulo

Growing up in the Philippines, Joshua Daulo’s parents pressed him to do what most parents around the world want their young children to do –

Ron Korb

Ron Korb

“The Grammy awards that you see on stage? Those are just props…the real ones come in the mail much later.” Ron Korb would know. Not

Frank Russo - High Notes

Frank Russo

We know that we feel better when we listen to music, but we may not be sure exactly why. Dr. Frank Russo, a professor of

Dr Alan Shiner - High Notes

Dr Alan Shiner

If you’re not familiar with Alan Shiner’s name, there’s no question that you’ve heard his work. In fact, you can probably fill in the gaps.

Yolanda Bruno & Michael Bridge High Notes

Yolanda Bruno & Michael Bridge

Yolanda Bruno has never known a life without music – literally. Her mother was performing in a recital when she went into labour, and music


Colette first heard about High Notes Avante (HNA) when she saw an ad for the High Notes Galain the local paper in 2016. Her daughter

Ernesto Ramirez

When you hear Ernesto Ramirez sing today, it’s hard to believe he almost did not pursue a career using his voice. Hailing from Mexico, Ernesto

Jamie Robinson

Jamie Robinson has been ‘treading the boards,’ as they say in theatre, since he was a small child. His debut performance was as the lead

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