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Music can change the world because it can change people - Bono

Music can change
the world because it can change people

High notes book club

You are not alone

This FREE approximately one-hour-long virtual club meets every 6-8 weeks.

We are thrilled to be able to welcome you to the High Notes Book Club. You may or may not be an avid reader, but joining a book club will open up your mind to a bigger understanding of humanity in general. We look forward to getting together with you soon and to have some lively discussions and perhaps even laughs.

The High Notes Book Club will attempt to follow these rules:

Books chosen will be approximately 80 per cent literary works of fiction that will touch on mental illness, although the occasional biography or other type of non-fiction book will be discussed.
Together we will summarize the story and respond to 8-10 questions about the book.
Everyone in the book club will be given an opportunity to talk. We will respect each other and agree that sometimes we will not agree on everything but can still learn from each other.
Although it is tempting to drift away from book discussion, we will limit social talk to a brief time at the beginning and end of our meeting.
You will be given the title for the next book to read at the end of each meeting. Sometimes we will plan ahead a few meetings.
Every member will be invited to suggest books that uplift and give hope while also bringing a greater understanding to those who live with mental illness.
It is ok for some books to be sad and depressing because life can be sad and depressing, however we will attempt to find some light in each book and our meeting anyways.
On occasion we will have an author join in and talk about their book.
Books chosen will be available for purchase online, at libraries or on ‘kindle’
We encourage sharing and swapping books when possible.

Although the book club is online we may meet up in person for special occasions.

Want to join?

Please put ‘book club’ in the subject line and we will send you a zoom link to join the next meeting.

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