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Music can change the world because it can change people - Bono

Music can change
the world because it can change people

The arts are important for our mental health

Ways to get involved

You are not alone


We rely heavily on people to volunteer their skills and services in order to continue to bring our audience successful events.

BINGO: One of the easiest and yet most impactful ways to volunteer only require you to contribute approximately 3-4 hours per month at Bingo World Richmond Hill. You have to be at least 19 and do some very easy online training before attending your first shift, but this is a very appreciated and easy way to help us.

EVENTS: We often need volunteers to help with backstage duties during our concerts and events. These duties are suitable for highschool students who need to complete their volunteer duties but we welcome others as well. Duties could include serving at VIP receptions, act as messager between Director and artists, photography, video recording, social media and general assistance.


Volunteer Form

Colette Volunteer Get Involved With High Notes Avante


Colette first heard about High Notes Avante (HNA) when she saw an ad for the High Notes Gala in the local paper in 2016. Her daughter was struggling with anxiety so she thought it would be good for her to come and listen to the stories and music, as her daughter is artistically inclined. “Going to the gala and listening to other professional artists’ mental health stories took away the embarrassment and shame that she felt,” says Colette. “We went back and invited more people to join us. My daughter was able to own her own journey and we have been going ever since then.”

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Rachelle Volunteer High Notes Avante For Mental Health

Bingo World volunteer

“Job searching was very stressful for me and many other young people,” says Rachelle who is now working full-time after graduating from Munk School of Global Affairs at the beginning of the pandemic. Rachelle is one of HNA’s volunteers at Bingo World in Richmond Hill. “Volunteering at Bingo World is easy and a nice break from my daily stress,” she says. “It feels good to know that just a couple of hours of this easy work can help HNA with the charity’s programming expenses.” Rachelle is also participating in our new music program and says that “My weekly guitar lesson with Alina gives me something pleasant to focus on and calms me after a long day at work.”


Book sponsor

There are many benefits to sponsoring High Notes Avante. You may gain exposure for your business, reach out to potential new clients and create goodwill towards your business with our audience and others in the community who have a connection to our cause. Your sponsorship helps us take care of the expenses involved with offering our services and we really appreciate your contribution. Whether you have a budget of $250 or $10,000 we will work with you to create the best solution for your sponsorship needs.

Our event sponsorship package for the High Notes Gala (and similar)

Our Event Sponsorship


  • Mention on Facebook
  • 2 tickets for you and 2 for our sponsored guests


  • Same as Ticket Sponsor+
  • Recognition in our program book
  • Sponsor table in lobby before show and during intermission


  • Same as Ticket Sponsor+
  • Recognition in our program book


  • Same as above+
  • Mention on our website
  • 4 Tickets for you AND/OR for our sponsored guests


  • Same as above+
  • Sign at reception
  • Business card sized ad in program
  • 6 VIP tickets for you AND/OR for our sponsored guests


  • Exclusive car placement in front of venue
  • 6 VIP tickets for you AND/OR for our sponsored guests


  • Same as above+
  • Option to introduce an artist
  • Table in lobby
  • Logo placement on marketing material
  • Full-page ad in program book
  • 10 VIP tickets for you AND/OR for our sponsored guests


  • Same as above+
  • Option to address the audience from the stage
  • Full page inside back cover ad in program book
  • 16 VIP tickets for you AND/OR for our sponsored guests


  • Same as above+
  • Name on tickets
  • Invitation to be part of radio and television interviews (when appropriate
  • Attempts to accommodate any other requests that you may have
  • 24 tickets for you AND/OR for our sponsored guests


Whether you are talking to people, posting to social media, (we are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn) we appreciate you sharing our stories using the hashtag #WEALLHAVEASTORY when possible. If you wish, you can also share about your own story using this hashtag.

As mental illness can be invisible, those you expect to suffer least are sometimes those who suffer the most. We wish to give hope to people who may going through difficult times. We wish to create a community where everyone touched by mental illness feel safe. Whether it is you, your daughter, your uncle, friend, colleague, sister or spouse—most of us will know someone who struggles with their mental health in their life time. We appreciate that you share about us and our programs that aim to connect and inspire those affected. Together we can raise the image of mental illness and make life more tolerable.

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The arts are important for our mental health

Music can change
the world because it can change people

As we are a registered charitable association (charitable number 896568417RR0001) we provide tax receipts to those who donate to us.

You can easily do so via Canada Helps here. Or if you prefer you can contact us via 416.605.8915 or highnotesavante@gmail.com to discuss alternate ways. If you like to plan ahead and leave us a more substantial legacy gift, we are also members of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners and featured in their Will Power campaign. You can read more about legacy gift planning on their website here: https://www.willpower.ca/

If you would like to talk to a financial planner we welcome you to contact Vladimir Solokhine at Lazaar Wealth Management (Cell: 647.308.2749/Office: 905.480.0344) to assist you.

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