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Music can change the world because it can change people - Bono


Child and adolescent psychiatrist, Dr. Adam Enchin, wears many hats. As a psychiatrist at Southlake Regional Health Centre, he sees patients that are in crisis, children who come in for weekly support services and spends most of his day with the Disruptive Behaviours Program.

During his medical training, Dr. Enchin was taken aback by how many people were visiting the emergency room with mental health complaints. As someone who was always interested in the brain and brain science, Dr. Enchin realized there was an opportunity to educate young people and their families on mental health which would allow him to start intervening early.

“As a psychiatrist, it is hard to make a definitive diagnosis early on, “ he says. “However, the earlier you can intervene the better off the patient will be.”

Dr. Enchin will speak at the High Notes Gala for Mental Health at the Flato Markham Theatre on Saturday May 6th. Comedienne Luba Goy is hosting and Grammy winning artist Dan Hill will sing and talk about his mental health experiences.

“Music has a huge impact on brain function,” says Dr. Enchin who believes music should be used more for its emotion regulation and calming effects. “Music resonates with people on an emotional level.”

Dr. Enchin says that while his clinical work is very fulfilling, he is frustrated by the lack of cohesion between the various organziations and ministries in the province, a problem he attributes to the history of mental health. According to Dr. Enchin, people have historically been afraid of things that are different. “There is a belief that mental illness is about a lack of trying, which of course is wrong. The differences among us are an opportunity to learn. The only way to erase stigma is to remove sensationalism in the media,” he goes on.

The High Notes Gala is achieving this by showcasing artists, celebrities and everyday heroes who are living decent lives despite their mental health problems.

Dr. Enchin supports the initiatives of High Notes Avante Productions Inc, stating that events such as the High Notes Gala incorporate positive messages that bring people from different walks of life together. He will educate the audience on the manifestation of mental illness in youth and the supports that are available to help everyone move forward on higher notes.

ABOUT THE HIGH NOTES GALA: Dr. Adam Enchin will speak at the High Notes Gala for Mental Health on May 6th at the Flato Markham Theatre. Dan Hill is the headlining performer and speaker. Comedian Luba Goy will host the evening. Members of Ballet Jorgen, Grammy nominated flutist Ron Korb, pianist Robert Kortgaard, author David W. Barber and mental health recovery expert Bill MacPhee will join them. Mental health support organizations will display in the lobby. For tickets ($40/$70) call 905.305.SHOW or visit highnotesavante.ca.

ABOUT HIGH NOTES AVANTE: High Notes Avante Productions Inc. is a non-profit organization using the power of words and music to educate and humanize mental illness. We strive to erase stigma and hope those attending our events will understand mental illness better as we create a sense of community and give hope with an inspiring evening of music and storytelling. If one in five are affected we all have a story.


Ingrid Taheri, Artistic & Executive Director




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