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Richard and Lauren Margison


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On Music and Mental Health

Young singer and song-writer Lauren Margison has already shared the stage with Gordon Lightfoot, Rufus Wainwright, Louise Pitre, Sheila McCarthy, the Canadian Tenors and Richard Margison, her world-famous father.  We are thrilled that she will again perform at the second High Notes for Mental Health concert on May 2 at the Flato Markham Theatre.

“Mental health is an issue that should be important to everyone. It touches a personal chord for me as well, “ says Lauren who has personally suffered from depression.

As a society we can’t turn a blind eye to something that affects so many. When it is ignored it forces those affected to feel like there is something wrong with them and that it’s their fault—which is absolutely not true. We need to create awareness for it to get better.”

Lauren—who has written almost 30 songs and is busy writing new ones at the moment—finds that her song writing gives her a release during her darker days.

She sees the role of music to hopefully bring people joy but also to raise awareness of various issues, including mental health. To have compassion for others is something she feels is very important.

Her father is best known for his soaring tenor, but also sings contemporary music. They are in many ways mirror images of each other with a twist. Lauren is focusing on more contemporary music although she also sings opera and has performed with the Canadian Opera Company Orchestra. This August she will take on the role of Barbarina in the Marriage of Figaro at Highlands Opera Studio.

“I love both genres. Music is my life. It would be both strange and wrong to do something else.”

Her relationship with her father is very special and they often perform together, as they will do at the May 2 concert.

“I think that it is incredible that I get to perform with him, and I love that more than anything. I’m not sure if it’s helped more or less with my career, but I know that I feel very lucky to get to work along side a man I love and respect.”

Lauren also considers herself a bookworm and would recommend anything by Kurt Vonnegut, her favourite author. She loves the ocean and says that if she was forced to choose another career she would explore working with sea mammals.

The second annual High Notes for Mental Health concert takes place at the Flato Markham Theatre on Saturday, May 2, 2015.  It will be an evening of music, hope and inspiration and will feature a stellar line-up of musical and spoken word artists, including Royal Canadian Air Farce veteran, Luba Goy as host, acclaimed tenor, Richard Margison, the St. Michael’s Choir School, Canadian accordion champion, Michael Bridge, violist Alex McLeod, Unionville High School student and pianist Charissa Vandikas, Dr Rustom Sethna, Chief Psychiatrist of the Markham-Stouffville Hospital and Canadian conductor and motivational speaker, Boris Brott, spoken word artist and mental health survivor Julie Everson, Orlando Da Silva, head of the Ontario Bar Association and mental health advocate and of course Lauren Margison.

For more information or sponsorship opportunities, please call 416.605.8915 or visit our website at  For tickets please call The Markham Flato Theatre at 905.305.SHOW (7469).