We are extremely honoured to be working on a project together with distinguished classical music critic, piano teacher and adult education expert Peter Kristian Mose.

Together we will bring music appreciation workshops to locations across both the GTA, Ontario, Canada and the United States.

Peter, with all his credentials and experience, is making music appreciation accessible. His workshops are removing the snobbism of listening to music and explaining music to those who may never have played an instrument. Focusing on the sounds as opposed to the technical and historical terms, he proves that all we need are our ears and an open mind. But don’t be mistaken, you will enjoy participating even if you happen to have a music degree or two.

The workshops would be perfect as part of your board of directors’ meeting, a senior residence’s educational workshop, school teachers professional development days, music teachers meetings and music retailers appreciation days.

Please take a look at or contact us if you would like more information.