Here is another powerful poem by Julie Everson.  Come hear her again at our upcoming concerts.


Pitter patter, pitter patter

Dropping like rain

Sun peeking between weightless clouds

Shining through a drop upon a leaf

Imagining I’m in a place that’s so beautiful my eyes can’t stand to see

Brilliant, vibrant colours rushing at me

Streaming through my eyes

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Check back here often to read about speakers and performers that have been touched by mental illness.

Press the names below to be taken to a story of each of these artists/speakers who took part in our last concert. They are all supporters of High Notes Avante.

Luba Goy 

Boris Brott

Dr. Rustom Sethna

Orlando Da Silva

Lauren Margison

Richard Margison

Michael Bridge

Alex McLeod

Charissa Vandikas

Julie Everson

St Michael Choir School