Dr Alan Shiner

If you’re not familiar with Alan Shiner’s name, there’s no question that you’ve heard his work. In fact, you can probably fill in the gaps. 967-11-11, phone Pizza Pizza … Sleep Country Canada, why buy a mattress … African Lion … Everyone loves MarineLand … Sunwing dot … You get the idea. Alan Shiner has […]

Yolanda Bruno & Michael Bridge

Yolanda Bruno has never known a life without music – literally. Her mother was performing in a recital when she went into labour, and music has been part of her world ever since. Michael Bridge also began performing from his earliest childhood years, and his parents recall him singing while assembling lego sets. By age […]

Ernesto Ramirez

When you hear Ernesto Ramirez sing today, it’s hard to believe he almost did not pursue a career using his voice. Hailing from Mexico, Ernesto was always surrounded by music, and did not think that he had any particular vocal talent. “In Mexico, everybody is singing. It’s just part of the culture,” laughs Ernesto. He […]

Jamie Robinson

Jamie Robinson has been ‘treading the boards,’ as they say in theatre, since he was a small child. His debut performance was as the lead in a production of Oliver Twist, and it propelled him to many more productions at his prestigious arts high school. After graduation he reached a crossroads – would he want […]

David Hetherington

David Hetherington did not pick up his first cello until the ripe old age of 9. “I was already late in the game,” laughs David, noting how important it is for professional musicians to take to their instrument early.  Thankfully, once he did start playing the strings, he never looked back. A music teacher in […]