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Freeing the Pieces… with Words and Music

FREEING THE PIECES… WITH WORDS AND MUSIC By: MADISON SIEGER, Communications Intern HIGH NOTES AVANTE PRODUCTIONS INC. Jane Haque never imagined the High Notes Gala for Mental Health would have such a strong impact on her life. She was in the process of finishing up her memoir, Freeing the Pieces, but went back and rewrote the last chapters after attending…

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Humanizing Composers and Mental Illness

Humanizing Composers and Mental Illness Did the fact that Beethoven insisted on using 60 beans—not 59 and not 61—to make coffee mean he had OCD? Did Tchaikowsky die by choice or by accident? And Schumann? Would he have left heaps more wonderful music if he had lived today and been diagnosed as bipolar and received proper treatment rather than spending…

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Dan Hill’s voice added to mental health movement

    Dan Hill’s voice added to mental health movement “Music has a way of breaking down people’s offences and capturing their heart faster than just about anything else,” says Grammy-awarded singer-songwriter Dan Hill. ”A message sent through music will get through a lot quicker than words alone.” The artist behind such hits as “Sometimes When We Touch” and “Can’t…

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