A brief backwards history:

January 2021 Concert of Hope was released

Fall-2020 through 2021 During the Covid-19 pandemic The High Notes Choir, Movie Club and Book Club have been operating online via zoom.

July 2020 We were approved for a Ontario Trillium Foundation seed grant for the High Notes Avante choirs

April 2019 The last of a series of intimate concerts and socials supported by grants from the City of Markham and Richmond Hill took place at the Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts. Other intimate concerts took place at Revera retirement home, Pearl Piano, the Steinway Gallery and Heintzman House.

February 2, 2018 The 5th High Notes Gala took place at the Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts. Participants included LLoyd Robertson, Michael Landsberg, Frank Horvat, Giles Tomkins, Orlando Da Silva and long term MC Luba Goy.

November 2018: The second Social Concert featured pianist and composer Frank Horvat sharing his music and mental health story.

September 2017: First High Notes Avante Social took place at Pearl Piano in Richmond Hill. Pianist and Psychoterapist, Paul Radkowski talked about and played music by composers who had a mental health story.

August 2017  High Notes Avante received official charitable status retroactive to March 0f 2018

2015-2017      Annual High Notes Galas for Mental Health were produced including the infamous “Half-gala” at the Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts on April 28, 2016. Fire forced us to cancel the show after intermission.

October 2014 HIGH NOTES AVANTE PRODUCTIONS INC. was officially incorporated as a not-for profit organization in order to use the power of words and music to spread the message that it is possible to move forward on higher notes despite a past or existing mental health issue.  

May 2014 The first independent High Notes Gala was arranged by Ingrid Taheri  at the Flato Markham Theatre with Jean Stilwell as host and a variety of performers and speakers participating

The stories and the speeches were so touching and I nearly cried.

(Alice Ma)